We support learners in preparation for their future.


Our Purpose

Within each child there is unlimited potential. We believe that every child should be given the best opportunity to unlock this. We strive to inspire and empower children through knowledge and education. A strong academic foundation enables children to realise their biggest dreams. As successful adults, they will create a bright future for themselves and become the future pioneers of South Africa.

Why We Are Different

Through our passion, dedication and determination we provide excellent and innovative supplementary study programmes necessary for children to get the best education they possibly can. The amount of resources we offer is unrivalled and with our focus on detail we offer a quality experience. We are one of the pioneer study websites for South African learners. After more than a decade of dedication, since 2005, we are just getting started with changing children’s lives!

Vision ASP School Projects

Our Future Expectations

We are always seeking unique methods that offer support to children of all ages, in all facets of their education. Our vision for the future is aimed at the expansion of technologically-driven interactive learning that enhances children’s academic experience and continually produce exceptional results. We aim to make our platform accessible for all children and to become a brand that parents trust with their children’s education.


Our Mission

Our belief in the unlimited potential of children makes it our mission to strive for excellence in the support of their academic achievement.

Through our digital educational platform we provide supplementary study programmes that will enrich children’s academic experience. We continuously develop our platform to be simplistic, accessible and engaging. We aim to provide content that is relevant, accurate and of high quality for all South African learners. We want to make the learning process fun, interesting and inspiring with colourful and vibrant visuals. We want learning to be easy and enjoyable, without stress, pressure or fear. Our study resources aim to produce exceptional results. We strive to equip children with the knowledge and necessary skills to make a difference in the world.

Our Values

We base every decision and action on our core company values:

We offer each client a quality experience.
We are committed to make a difference in children’s lives.
Our clients can depend on us to be there every step of their academic journey.
We aim to be creative and forward-thinking in the development of our content.
We love what we do and passionately share this love of learning.

Company Values ASP School Projects


What We Do

ASP School Projects is a digital educational platform for South African learners following the National Curriculum Statement (NCS) for CAPS. We assist learners in their academic career through the provision of supplementary study programmes. Our products are available as subscription-based packages. All our content is downloadable; printable PDF files which are accessible on computers, tablets and mobile devices with an internet connection.

The content of our study programmes is designed by a carefully selected team of experts which consists of teachers, former teachers, designers and other professionals. The purpose of our study programmes is to make the learning experience easy, fun, interesting and inspiring for learners. Our various programmes complement each other and aim to improve the understanding of how the topics of a subject fit together, and how various subjects contribute to the greater whole.

Steps For A Bright Future ASP School Projects

Our core focus is to assist learners with effective preparation for writing tests and exams. Our resources, such as practice exam papers and study guides, aim to save children and parents valuable time, reduce stress and anxiety and build confidence. Children can set their study schedule and pace according to their own personality, needs and progress. This way their brains will be able to retain more information. By learning the smart way children will have more time to revise their work and enhance their skills. Once children master these academic challenges, they will have the confidence to write and ace exams.


Our Story

ASP School Projects was founded by Elderie Claassen in 2013. ASP School Projects, together with Afrikaanse Skoolprojekte, established in 2005, form part of the ASP Education group since 2018, of which Elderie Claassen is the Chief Executive Officer.

Elderie is a former teacher and passionate about the education of children. She herself has two children of her own.

As a mother with busy children and being an entrepreneur with her own business, she experienced that the time is limited to assist young children with homework and school assignments. Being a native Afrikaans speaker and schooling her children in Afrikaans, she noticed information in Afrikaans was difficult to access in the early 2000’s, the internet was fairly new and most information was only in English. She realised that textbooks quickly become outdated and children cut out pictures and words from books and magazines to complete homework assignments. She saw the need to help children and their parents with information in Afrikaans.

Her love for knowledge, endless creativity, expertise in education and business background has enabled her to provide a unique solution for children and parents. She and a close team of experts who share her vision began in 2003 with research and the development of an educational programme for Afrikaans schoolchildren. This was the origin of Afrikaanse Skoolprojekte. Later, she founded an English version thereof, known as ASP School Projects

Today ASP Education is one of the largest digital educational platforms for South African learners, with hundreds of documents on ASP School Projects and Afrikaanse Skoolprojekte combined.

Timeline ASP School Projects

The Beginning

Research and development for an educational programme in Afrikaans started.

Afrikaanse Skoolprojekte is established.

Introducing ‘Afrikaanse Skoolprojekte’ the 1st product.

‘Afrikaans Skoolprojekte’ is an innovative product with digital documents on CD and consists of more than 300 school projects in Afrikaans with pictures, illustrations and sketches. The content of the projects covers various topics that learners learn at school and are based on the Outcomes Based Education (OBE) curriculum. The content is divided into themes, e.g. Animals, Art, Astronomy, Biology, Countries of the World, The Earth, Economy, Geography, History, Plants, Religion and Cultures, Renowned People, Science, South Africa, and Technology and Inventions. Parents realised the benefit and convenience of information for homework assignments and school projects in Afrikaans and also experienced the academic progress their children made. Daily orders came in and CDs were posted nationwide and internationally.

Introducing Afrikaanse Skoolprojekte’s 2nd product on CD – ‘Alles Afrikaans’ and shortly afterwards the 3rd product – ‘Easy English’.

‘Alles Afrikaans’ is a language learning programme in Afrikaans for learners with Afrikaans as their Home Language. ‘Easy English’ is a language learning programme in English for learners with English as their First Additional Language. Few textbooks and guidelines were previously available to South African learners who followed the OBE curriculum, which could comprehensively explain everything of the Afrikaans and English language to learners. The two products were developed to support learners in their reading and writing skills, as well as language and spelling rules and guidelines for writing essays and speeches. It also contains summaries of prescribed books, as well as prose and poetry, which are studied in the Afrikaans and English classrooms.

A First Of Its Kind

Afrikaanse Skoolprojekte enters the internet world as a pioneer by launching an innovative study website in Afrikaans – of the first of its kind.

Afrikaanse Skoolprojekte’s market research identified the need to make information available to Afrikaans-speaking schoolchildren on the Internet. The internet has grown dramatically at this stage and is becoming popular in households. The website enables parents and teachers to obtain the study material of Afrikaanse Skoolprojekte with ease.

Afrikaanse Skoolprojekte is working on the development and expansion of existing- as well as new products.

Afrikaanse Skoolprojekte has contributed to the development of ‘WSpel’. ‘WSpel’ is an Afrikaans spell checker for Microsoft Office – one of the largest of its kind in the world. ‘WSpel’’s number of words has been expanded by incorporating words from Afrikaanse Skoolprojekte’s sources of words previously not included in ‘Wspel’’s glossary. ‘WSpel’ is available to everyone for free to promote the Afrikaans language.

Afrikaanse Skoolprojekte introduce two new products, namely ‘Eksamenvraestelle Laerskool (Graad 4 – 7)’ and ‘Eksamenvraestelle Hoërskool (Graad 8 – 12)’.

These study programmes have been developed upon request from parents who want to improve their children's academic performance. The workload that children have in school is heavy, with little study time, so they have to study effectively to get the most out of their study sessions. Research shows that the most effective study method to ensure examination accuracy is through self-testing – in other words, to work through exercise papers. The exam papers of Afrikaanse Skoolprojekte were initially based on the OBE curriculum. It has been developed to encourage learners not only to know and understand the content of the work, but to answer the questions correctly and to obtain the highest marks in an exam. Learners must master the technique and art of writing examinations. It is extremely important for learners to test themselves by working out exams that were asked in the same way as an NSC exam. Feedback from parents and learners was positive regarding the new learning programme for exam preparation. Learners’ knowledge and self-confidence improved after they mastered the study material.

Afrikaanse Skoolprojekte’s website is updated with a new feature. Documents can now be downloaded directly from the website. This simplifies the user's experience. The advantage is that parents and children have immediate access to the website and all sources, as well as all new information added to the website.

‘Briljante Breintjies (Graad 1 – 3)’ is introduced

‘Briljante Breintjies’ is supplementary worksheets and assignments for Foundation Phase learners. It is equivalent to the ‘Exam papers’ range.

‘Eksamenvraestelle en Toetse (per Graad)’ is launched and replace ‘Eksamenvraestelle Laerskool (Graad 4 – 7)’ and ‘Eksamenvraestelle Hoërskool (Graad 8 – 12)’.

Papers for all grades (1 – 12) are presented separately with all subjects included for each grade. The study material is based on the OBE curriculum. Learners benefit from the exemplar exam papers specifically designed for their grade and subjects.

New Challenges and Opportunities

The new Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) is implemented by the Department of Basic Education (DBE) between 2012 and 2014.

CAPS replaces the previous OBE curriculum. The advantage is that all learners in South Africa must follow CAPS. Nationally, subjects are presented the same and divided according to terms. This change in curriculum creates a new challenge and opportunity for Afrikaanse Skoolprojekte. Afrikaanse Skoolprojekte develops a new website with content that follows CAPS. This enables Afrikaanse Skoolprojekte to take online web-based learning to a higher level.

The product ‘Afrikaanse Skoolprojekte’ is relaunched as ‘ASP Skool Ensiklopedie’.

Afrikaanse Skoolprojekte’s introductory product ‘Afrikaanse Skoolprojekte’ grew remarkably in volume since its launch in 2005 through 2011. ‘Afrikaanse Skoolprojekte’ initially only contained 300+ school projects is relaunched as ‘ASP Skool Ensiklopedie’ – a complete encyclopedia for schoolchildren with hundreds of documents in Afrikaans.

‘Prethoek’, an educational games programme for primary school learners, is launched.

‘Prethoek’ promotes thinking ability, language and mathematical concepts, hand and eye coordination and builds a broader general knowledge. This product includes flashcards, puzzles, children's stories, math games and many other educational games

‘Beroepsvoorligting’ is introduced for high school learners.

‘Beroepsvoorligting’ is developed to support teenagers in the preparation of their future after school. The programme focuses on teenagers’ personalities, interests and qualities and helps them make an informed decision when choosing a field of study and apply to universities.

Schooling in English

ASP School Projects is established and a new website is launched. ASP School Projects is the English version of Afrikaanse Skoolprojekte.

ASP School Projects is developed to meet the needs of existing English-speaking clients, as well as the demand for study resources for South African learners who follow CAPS and receive school education in English. ASP School Projects broadens the goal of providing academic support to learners, as well as preparing their future. Introductory products for ASP School Projects include: ‘Exam Papers and Answers (Grades 1 - 9)’, ‘Easy English’, ‘Alles Afrikaans’, ‘Fun Corner’ and ‘Career Guide’.

Advances in a Digital Age

Technology has progressed and the use of smartphones, tablets, etc. is common. Development of new websites that is up to date with the latest features is in process for ASP School Projects and Afrikaanse Skoolprojekte.

A blog series in English and Afrikaans is started.

The blog articles share valuable advice and tips in order to support schoolchildren – not just to perform academically, but in all areas necessary for children’s development and to be healthy, happy and successful.

A brand new look.

ASP School Projects and Afrikaanse Skoolprojekte are grouped together under the ASP Education group and new websites are launched for ASP School Projects and Afrikaanse Skoolprojekte.

ASP School Projects and Afrikaanse Skoolprojekte take pride in a brand new look. The new websites enable users to easily visit the websites from any device and download documents. The user experience is improved in many ways by means of easy purchasing methods and new search and download features.

Products for ASP School Projects comprise:

Products for ASP School Projects comprise: ‘Worksheets and Answers (Grade 1 – 3)’, ‘Exam Papers and Answers (Grade 4 – 10)’, ‘English School Encyclopedia’, ‘Easy English Home Language’, ‘Alles Afrikaans Eerste Addisionele Taal’, ‘Fun Corner’ and ‘Career Guide’.

Products for Afrikaanse Skoolprojekte comprise:

‘Werkboeke en Antwoorde (Graad 1 – 3)’, ‘Eksamenvraestelle en Antwoorde (Graad 4 – 10)’, ‘Afrikaanse Skoolensiklopedie’, ‘Alles Afrikaans Huistaal’, ‘Easy English First Additional Language’, ‘Prethoek’ and ‘Beroepsvoorligting’.

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