Monthly Payments

Debit Order Transaction

Payment for the subscription by debit order is done in 12 (twelve) monthly instalments. The agreement will be valid for a minimum of one year (12 months). The contract has to be cancelled in month 11 of the initial contract. lf no cancellation is received the contract will automatically renew every year for another 12 months and the subscription will be carried over to the next grade. A contract for Grade 12 is the only exception to the rule. No notice or cancellation will be accepted within the first 12 months of this contract. The monthly amount may be increased annually by R5,00. All debit order withdrawals are processed by NuPay. The instalments will be charged by debit order from your bank account on the 25th of each month. Subscriptions will be activated for access to download on date of payment of the first instalment.

Important: You will receive an SMS message to approve the debit order authorisation on your Bank App or internet banking service - reference NP_ASP.

Send the signed debit order via email to:

Your account will manually be activated for access to your products once the signed debit order has been received. Your licence is valid for one user.

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