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About Our Subscription Services

ASP School Projects offers online subscriptions for high quality supplementary educational programmes for South African learners following the National Curriculum Statement (NCS) for CAPS.

Detail Of Our Subscriptions

Subscription plans are available as packages that consist of either:
Prime Package (four products)
Standard Package (one product)
Selection Package (a selection of products)
Members receive immediate access to all content within the chosen package.
All our content is downloadable; printable PDF files.
Files can be accessed through computers, tablets and mobile devices with an internet connection.
Our digital platform works on various operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X, Apple IOS, Android, and Linux.
We offer subscription plans for one up to three grades per household.
Subscriptions expire annually on 31 December.

How Subscriptions Work

Members receive access to an online subscription-based package for the grade(s) of their choice.
Members log in with their e-mail address and password to be able to download the content.
A subscription is valid for the period a learner is in a specific grade that school year.
Subscriptions are not carried over to the next grade the following year.
Documents can be downloaded until a subscription expires on 31 December each year.
Prices are adjusted accordingly throughout the year.
The payment options for a subscription are either a single payment or a monthly debit order.

View the grade of your choice to see subscription plans and pricing.


Subscription plans are available for one up to three grades per household.
Discount is available for more than one grade.

1 Learner
2 Learners
3 Learners

Subscriptions for our supplementary educational programmes are available in the following packages:

Prime Package

The Prime Package is the most comprehensive subscription plan. Four learning programmes are included in the Prime Package. Our various learning programmes complement each other. All the products for your grade of choice are included.

The Prime Package consists of:

‘Worksheets and Answers’ or ‘Exam Papers and Answers’
‘Easy English Home Language’
‘Alles Afrikaans Eerste Addisionele Taal’
‘Fun Corner’ (primary school learners) or ‘Career Guide’ (high school learners)

Standard Package

The Standard Package is the leading choice for test and exam preparation. One learning programme is included in the Standard Package.

The Standard Package consists of:

‘Worksheets and Answers’ or ‘Exam Papers and Answers’

Selection Package

The Selection Package allows users to create their own customised package from our available products. Subjects within ‘Exam Papers and Answers’ can be selected and purchased separately.

See our Products page for more info on what each product includes.

See our Products page for more info on what each product includes. For terms of use read our Terms and Conditions.


Our annual subscription fees are either a single payment or a monthly debit order.

Single Payment

Credit Card Transaction
Our credit card transactions are secured by Netcash. Successful credit card transactions will receive an invoice, and indication that you can start downloading the documents along with the instructions how to download files. Your account will automatically have access to your products.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Transaction
EFT transactions will receive an invoice and indication that you can start downloading the documents with the instructions how to download files once a proof of payment is received. Your account will manually be activated for access to your products. Send the proof of payment by email to: Use your name and invoice number as reference.

Monthly Payments

Debit Order Transaction
Payment for the subscription by debit order is done in monthly instalments. The number of monthly instalments is calculated according to the school calendar year. All debit order withdrawals are processed by Netcash. The instalments will be charged by debit order from your bank account on the day of the month as indicated by you. Subscriptions will be activated for access to download on date of payment of the first instalment. The first instalment will be deducted immediately from your account by debit order.

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