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We regularly get feedback from parents, grandparents, teachers and everyone else that plays an important role in children’s lives. They trust us with their children’s education. We have over a decade of experience, since 2005, and are just as passionate about what we do as when we started! Our goal is to make a difference not only in children’s academic performance and the way they approach learning, but also in other areas of their development.

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Wow! THANK YOU for your super-efficient service and product.

~ Nelita

Dear Nelita,

Thank you for your lovely comment. You are very welcome. All the best for your children’s exams.

Kind regards

ASP School Projects

I am very grateful for the grade 7 and 8 that we are busy with. You really help a lot.

~ Kelebogile Tadi

Dear Kelebogile,

We appreciate your comment. Glad to hear that you find our study resources helpful.

Kind regards

ASP School Projects

I’m your loyal customer since I started this journey with ASP School Projects. Thank you so much. Your prompt service is highly appreciated.

~ Thokozani Thwala

Dear Thokozani,

Thank you for your wonderful testimonial and support.

Kind regards

ASP School Projects


~ Dirk Wessels

Dear Dirk,

Thank you for the feedback.

Kind regards

ASP School Projects

I would like to mention that your papers help us tremendously. The language papers are particularly good. Our stress levels are much lower because of this. Your product is definitely recommended.

~ Magdel de Klerk

Dear Magdel,

Thank you for your review. We are very pleased that our content has helped your children and that your stress levels are a little less. It's great to hear that you would recommend our products. We appreciate the feedback.

Kind regards

ASP School Projects


~ Jackie Greeff

Dear Jackie,

Thank you very much for your message. It’s FANTASTIC to hear! It really makes us happy to know that we have made a positive contribution to your child’s education.

Kind regards

ASP School Projects

Thank you so much for all the great and interesting information I have received from you over a long time.

~ Marda Swart

Dear Marda,

Thank you for your positive feedback and your loyal support. We are delighted to hear that our site helps you and that you find our content interesting.

Kind regards

ASP School Projects

Thank you so much for the great packages, it made the world a lot easier for us.

~ Daleen Luiers

Dear Daleen,

Thank you very much for your review. Thanks for your support. We are very pleased to hear that our packages helped your children.

Kind regards

ASP School Projects

Thank you so much. I am so happy I found you. I really like the work you sell.

~ Paola Magliano

Dear Paola,

Thank you very much for your review. We are glad to hear that you are enjoying our website and content.

Kind regards

ASP School Projects

Thank you very, very much! Your service was excellent, as always!

~ Lelanie van Zyl

Dear Lelanie,

Thank you for your review and your loyal support. Glad to hear that we have provided you with good service. Good luck with your children’s school work.

Kind regards

ASP School Projects

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